Cancelling your VAULT ACCESS

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The VAULT membership is a yearly subscription, that give you FULL access to everything that is inside the vault + everything that I will add inside the VAULT during that time. To cancel your membership send an email to: or click the red button “request cancellation” from above.

Once your membership is cancelled, you’ll have access to the digital planners until the end of the billing date. So, for example, if you want me to cancel your account in day 300, you can still login and download my digital planners for the next 64 days.

However, once the billing date is reached you will lose access to everything that is in the vault and you will not be able to download anything. So, if you plan to cancel, I suggest you to download your favorite notebooks inside the iPad, to have them for later use.

NOTE: if you want to cancel and then want to go back … let’s say in 1,5 years … the access price will be up to (at least) $97 — the more digital planners I add to the VAULT, the more the price will go up.

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