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Know Your VAULT

Discover the powerful digital planners and training included in the vault. To enjoy these digital planners, you'll need to install a note-taking app like Goodnotes 5 or Noteshelf (priced around $9) and use an Apple Pencil to take notes.

Need help?

See the answers below, or email me for support at:

Based on your order, you'll have access to SELECTED or ALL digital products listed in the VAULT.

If you only bought access to ...say "Winner's Productivity Pack" you will only have access to the products included in this collection. If you've signup for FULL YEARLY ACCESS to the VAULT, you'll access any file listed in the VAULT while you have the subscription active.


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  1. Login to your VAULT on the iPad (or computer)
  2. Find the purchased file(s) listed in the VAULT and go to the details page
  3. Click on the download link to start the download
  4. On iPad, the file usually gets downloaded in the Downloads folder. If you're using a computer, save the file in Dropbox (or a shared folder) so you can access it from your iPad too.
  5. Open Goodnotes 5 or Noteshelf app and import the PDF file from the saved location.

For security reasons, all download links are set to expire after 30 minutes. So if you get an error when clicking a download link from the VAULT, please reload the page and try downloading that file again.

I want to build long-lasting, and supportive relationships with my customers. So I'm channeling all my time to design and add valuable digital planners to the VAULT. However, if you don't find enough value to stay in the VAULT, request cancellation here.

If you decided to stay in the VAULT (yay!):

  • you'll get unlimited downloads to the current planners
  • you'll get access to future planners
  • you can suggest planner ideas that I can design and add to the VAULT
  • you'll enjoy a fixed yearly price guaranteed - the price will not change for the duration of your subscription

If you decide to cancel 🙁

  • you'll lose access to all products AT THE END OF THE BILLING PERIOD
  • you can restart your membership anytime, but I can't guarantee the price will stay the same
  • you won't have access to the design updates for the existing digital planners (like the People book, or Meetings book, etc).


Update the Account Details
Payments Receipts
Cancel my subscription


Hi! I'm Ralu

Thank you for being part of the Outline Planner Family. I am constantly building and improving this membership so you can have access to the best, updated digital notebooks to use for your day to day planning.

I am dedicating all my time to design beautifully executed and super-functional designs. I appreciate any constructive feedback and I welcome new planner ideas.

Please reach out to me with any question, comment or issue:

2 thoughts on “Start Here”

  1. You’ve done such a great job organizing this vault of digital resources. Everything looks great, easy to understand. Would you consider making a project planner? I’m an entrepreneur and I create online courses, books and workbooks. I would love a project planner with plenty of room to write out the project “master plan” like you did at the front of your social media planner

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