New to digital planning?

Grab a Coffee.
I'll Walk You Through Digital Planning for Beginners

In only 34 minutes you'll learn what EXACTLY digital planning is, you'll discover how to get started and which app is best for you.


2022 Outline Planner Walk-Through mini-videos series

Click here to learn how to import this planner, use the hyperlinks, use the templates and the built-in Notebooks.

2022 Meetings Book Walk-Through video tutorial

Discover how to use the 2022 Meetings book, navigate with the hyperlinks, use the templates and the built-in Notebooks.


Step-by-Step Courses — baby steps to daily productivity

Learn how to use Noteshelf or Goodnotes app every day to stay productive. Get your notes in order, and easy to find.


Noteshelf Course

A friendly interface, useful features like bookmarking pages, and good handling of bigger files (up to 25MB), Noteshelf may be the most intuitive app for digital planning and productivity.


Goodnotes Course

The folder-in-folder organization and the extra features like "share your notes with a link" make Goodnotes an alternative to digital notes. Yet, it does not handle bigger files very well.


Productivity Workflows

This section will include step-by-step workflows that can boost productivity based on your goals and activities. The workflows can include a mix of: folder organization suggestions, recommendations of notebooks to use, particular steps to do inside a note app.

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